How To Choose The Most Flattering Dress

flattering dressFashion – People everywhere are increasingly conscious of their appearance and public image, and are ready to spend a fortune to stay ahead in fashion. How one dresses is a statement of their social status. Fashion industry is selling like hot cakes with revenue and profits skyrocketing every season as per the famous website Let it be the numerous dresses like knot dress, aqua dresses, denim jackets, leather pants, or the Lenin overalls, fashion changes every season and so does the fashion industry revenue, which is always on the higher side. Trends always change. We pick dresses according to each season. Our dress-sense has changed tremendously and it has become really confusing selecting the right dress for different body shapes, because a wrong choice can change your look and definitely will affect your self-confidence at any occasion.
Here is a simple guide to choose dresses according to different shapes. The easiest and the most trusted method is to first determine which shape your body belongs to, then start selecting and shopping the dress style that will make your body look its best.
· Hourglass
Hourglass shaped women have a well-defined waist and curvy body. Show off your curvy sexy figure by wearing a dress that contains a waist-belt. These adjustable belts will let you highlight your tiny waist well. Choose flared jeans with scoop neck, or the nipped waist jacket worn with straight leg trousers and the halter or classic style as these will look stunning on you. A beautiful knot dress, the denim belted dress or the belted muslin mini dress can also be picked.
· Apple
They usually have thin legs and tend to carry weight around the middle. They have large shoulders, so the best dresses they can choose are V-neck tops or even the ultra-cool and chic slimming tunic tops, with long and pretty flared skirts. Buy A-line dark coloured dresses, a swing or empire dress as these are sure to flow over your mid-section for a flattering effect.
· Pear
These women usually have heavy legs and thin shoulders. They can choose dresses such as the boot cut jeans with boat neck or scoop neck tops, knee length plain skirts sand printed blouses, printed tops paired with darker bottoms.
· Straight body
Called the athletic shape, they have an undefined waist and less curves. It’s better to look for dresses with draping and ruching to create the curves. Try pencil skirts paired with belted jackets, polo shirts matched with the ultra-modern boot cut trouser or jeans, dresses with a fitted bodice or nipped waist and full skirt. Contrasting styles, such as bulky sweaters and slim jeans can help.
· Triangle
A fit and flare dress will play up your thin waist and smaller upper body, while minimizing the hips and thighs. Try the stripped jersey mini dress, slip dress with criss cross waist.

For women to look their best, it is important to choose the right clothing for different types of body shapes, which helps to bring the required self-assurance.