Understanding Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

employment-allowanceThose who are incapacitated and are not able to work are eligible for Employment and Support Allowance. People who have not paid enough National Insurance contributions are also qualified for ESA. The allowance is paid by Jobcentre Plus Office and DWP. The ESA can be claimed by filling a form or calling the Jobcentre Plus centre. Check ESA contact number online. Individuals above the age of 16 years are eligible for the pension. Contribution based ESA is national insurance based. The assessment phase goes for around 13 weeks. Since 2012, contributory ESA was reduced to 1 year.

The ESA is not tested for contribution based. The benefit is reduced in the case of private pension payable over £85 per week. The beneficiary is protected when moved from Incapacity Benefit (IB) to ESA and if the pension was dismissed right before transfer or in case the IB was stagnant because of accepting higher rate care of DLA care and ignoring ESA. In the case of income-oriented ESA, income and capital limitations are applicable. Income-oriented ESA is not taxable. For ESA there are no dependent additions but for income-related ESA additional dependents are allowed.

Income-oriented ESA is payable for absence from 4 weeks to 26 weeks. This is eligible for those individuals undergoing medical treatment. If the individual eligible for ESA has grievances on a decision, a review can be considered. This is called mandatory reconsideration, where the decision is reviewed. In these circumstances the aggrieved individual has to talk to the DWP within a span of one month from obtaining the decision for mandatory reconsideration. In case the aggrieved party is not happy after a mandatory reconsideration, a further appeal can be made to the HM courts and Tribunal Service within a period of one month of the mandatory reconsideration.

Moreover, it is important to note that a regular questionnaire along with medical tests is required to gratify the DWP that the individual qualifies. From the year 2012, the Contribution type of ESA is restricted to 12 months for the claimants in the case of Work Related Activity Group. However, the Support Group of the Claimants is not affected in this case.

When the Contribution based ESA claim is nearing its end, the individual will receive a communication informing that you will no more get the contributory based ESA and you will be asked to check for income based ESA. In the case of partners, both the incomes will be taken into consideration. In case you are eligible for income-oriented ESA then the DWP will add you to this benefit automatically. But it is the responsibility of the individual to check if it has happened.

In case the individual is not eligible for income-oriented ESA then an appeal for the reconsideration of the claim can be forwarded stating that your condition is dwindling and you stand entitled for the support group. This called Supercession by DWP. For this, it is important to satisfy at least one limited capability under the Regulation 35 or Schedule 3 of ESA regulations. If you expect deterioration then it is best to wait for a later date and seek a review.

Keep Your Blood Pressure In Check

check blood pressureWhenever someone has a blood pressure reading higher than 140/90 mmHg, they are said to have High blood pressure which is in other words called as Hypertension. This is a serious illness that can lead to many health conditions such as stroke and in some cases heart problems. Also, people who have high blood pressure are at a risk of developing cardiovascular complications. Other effects of high blood pressure include poor circulation of blood within the body, damage to the heart muscle and tissues, heart attack and it might even result in stroke. Luckily, high blood pressure can be brought to control by taking proper medications and ensuring that we make certain lifestyle changes. Here are some tips that can help you to Lower Your Blood Pressure Fast.

Healthy Weight Management
One of the contributing factors for high blood pressure is being overweight or obese. The first step in controlling hypertension is to ensure that you are in the correct weight mark. Obesity can destroy joints and ruin the bone structure and cause more stress to the heart. It is estimated that about 35% of Americans suffer from obesity. Weight Loss is hence critical to lowering blood pressure. It is important to adapt a certain weight loss plan that helps in reaching your normal weight goal. With proper diet and exercise, this can be addressed effectively.

Understand BMI
BMI is a standard measurement that calculates what body’s weight should be considering their height. One can enter the weight, height and any other information required to check the BMI value. The calculation comes up with a number which corresponds to categories such as underweight, Normal, Overweight and Obese. One has to ensure that they are always in the normal category which is an indication that weight is proportionate to the height of the person. Your physician can help you recommend a plan that can lead to weight loss if required.

Regular Exercise
One of the simplest methods to improve BMI ratings is by following a strict exercise regimen. This is a great way to lose weight as well as maintain a healthy way of getting your body to move. Exercises need not be complicated. Simple exercises like walking or doing house chores can result in calorie loss that can lead to lowering blood pressure. Cardio exercises improve blood circulation and reduce stress. Exposure to the sun with activities such as running can help in the production of more Vitamin D. Stretching, Pilates, Yoga or even Zumba could be a great way to start your day.

Follow The DASH Diet
DASH means the “Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension”. This diet mainly concentrated on foods that naturally help in decreasing the blood pressure. It includes consumption of healthy foods such as fruits and leafy green vegetables, proteins, dairy products with fat removed and whole grains. This diet plan comprises of three complete meals and two snacks in between. Each mean should include a serving of fiber-rich fruits or vegetables. Snacks include nuts, seeds and fresh seasonal fruits. This is considered to be one of the simplest methods that work great in reducing blood pressure.

SEO As Tool To Market Your Business

seo toolIf done in a proper and prompt manner SEO has the potential to boost your business in a significant manner. You would be very wise to get SEO for your website done. SEO done by firms or agencies or companies that have a lot of skill and experience can potentially lead to your website reaching the first page of the search results over the various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. You must try and understand how SEO works before you decide the SEO for your website to be done. This will help you to assess and analyze the benefits of SEO in a much better manner.

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SEO as a tool or method or mode of digital marketing can be extremely beneficial. The number of consumers and probable customers being directed to your website by the various search engines like YAHOO. Bing and Google will increase to unprecedented scales. This will allow a greater number of potential consumers or user to reach your website and become aware of the services that you offer if you are a service based company. A greater number of probable customers or consumers being driven to your website will also lead to an increase in the product sale if you are a product based company.

Staying aware and staying updated is always the best strategy that you can adopt. You must try and understand how the entire SEO process works. This will allow you to better understand the ways and means that are being adopted by the company or agency or firm that you have hired for the purpose of SEO. You will be in a much better position to judge and analyze the capacity and ability of the SEO firm or agency or company or service provider that you have hired. Remember that SEO is one of the oldest methods or modes of digital marketing and hence there are many techniques of SEO being done.

Some of these modes or methods are approved by the guidelines of the various search engines. There are many other which are not approved by the guidelines of the various search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The approved methods of SEO are called White Hat Techniques and these approved methods and techniques should be used by your SEO provider. The methods that are not approved are called Black Hat Methods of SEO. These methods which are not approved by guidelines should always be avoided.